Two hour figure study

This oil sketch was done on a 9×12 Artist’s Carton Panel by Guerilla Painter. It is quite absorbent and took me a while to build up enough paint to really get the painting where I wanted it. The papers are convenient to use, but I’m thinking they could be gessoed or coated with an acrylic primer before I use them again.

Also, I only used three colors to paint this, Naphthol Red, Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Yellow.

9x12" oil painting on Artist's Carton paper

9×12″ oil painting on Artist’s Carton paper


About Ruth Kaldor

Artist Visual Arts Instructor Cabot Vermont
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One Response to Two hour figure study

  1. Art Maine says:

    Your red, blue, and yellow
    make for a fine fellow,
    who is lost in deep thought
    about clothes he forgot.

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